Bluewave Get Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amp review by Simon Cohen,



Tiny but mighty, Bluewave’s Get takes on the headphone-jackless future in style.


Bluewave likes to say that the Get will take any set of headphones and make them sound better. To test the claim, we listened to a variety of source material (both hi-res and some not-so-high-res) on a variety of devices, including an iPhone 6 and a Google Pixel XL. After plugging in everything from Apple EarPods to a pair of AudioTechnica ATH-M50x monitors, we can verify that this claim is true.








Bluewave Get: Qobuzism for this aptX HD Bluetooth receiver with headphone amplifier! review by Philippe Daussin,


Qobuz review of the Bluewave GET




To conclude, we applaud our cousins from Quebec who have designed this awesome small Bluewave Get receiver, which we bestow with our Qobuzism award for its very good sound performances in Bluetooth with the aptX and aptX HD codecs. We have spent some wonderful musical moments with this device.











The Master Switch Review: Bluewave GET Bluetooth Headphone Amp: Come get some. By Rob Boffard



It had a level of richness and depth to it that we didn’t expect, showcasing music in the best possible light. The low end had real weight, and it’s clear that inside the tiny body, the circuits were working very hard indeed to provide power.


It’s a tiny little powerhouse that is much better than it has any right to be. FiiO, OPPO and their brethren should be very worried indeed.



We really, really liked the Bluewave GET.