GET Firmware Updates

Latest GET firmware update:

Bluewave_Get_2018-06-19 (1.4MB zip)

Changelog [2018.02.13]

  • Fix for double beep issue.
  • Fix muting issue when using USB audio
  • Various minor fixes and changes

Changelog [2018.06.19]

  • New functionality:  Button locking
  • Fix a bug where Get could freeze when streaming from AptX LL
  • Reduction in audio dropouts occurring under some configurations





1. Retrieve the upgrade executable.

2. Turn off your Get and connect the Get to your computer with the USB cable.

3. Press the two arrow buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, until you see a system notification about a new Get device plugged to the computer.

4. From now on, do not touch or unplug the Get.

5. Run the upgrade executable.

You will have to allow the program execution; if Windows SmartScreen is on, it will display a dialog box titled “Windows protected your PC” showing that the program wasn’t run; you can click the “More info” button and then click the “Run anyway” which appeared.

6. A success message will be displayed, and the Get will reboot automatically with the new firmware version.

7. You can now close the program and use your upgraded Get!



Not available as of 2018-06-20.